"Who else is looking for intelligence,
unconditional love and loyalty, with a natural tail?"

"Anadee Aussies truly are the Best Love Money Can Buy!"

Get yours now before they are gone!

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Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

About Anadee Aussies

Toy Australian Shepherds (Toy Aussies) & Miniature Australian Shepherds (Mini Aussies)

Our Mission:  Providing enjoyment to families and individuals with a healthy, obedient and loving companion, the Best Love money can buy!

  • We are located on 18 country acres in North Carolina northeast of Raleigh.  We are 50 miles southwest of the Virginia/North Carolina line at I-95, about 25-30 miles northeast of Raleigh, NC or about 40 miles east of I-85.
  • Our puppies are raised inside our home.
  • We offer Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies in all the recognized colors - black tri, red tri,  blue merle, red merle, occasionally - black bi, red bi.  Some with blue or partial blue eyes.

Our dogs possess outstanding beauty, health and personality.

Our home where our puppies are born and raised

Our Home

Our front field where our dogs run and have fun

Our Front Field

Here at Anadee Aussies we always strive to provide you with a loving, lovable, enjoyable companion and friend.  Our selective and knowledgeable breeding assures their beauty, health, intelligence and personality.  Through the years we have been members of several dog breeders clubs.  We have attended several seminars on "Breeding Better Dogs", "Hip & Joint Problems in Dogs", "Temperaments & Temperament Testing", "Structure in Action" and more.  We visit dog shows regularly to watch the full size Aussies being judged and to talk with the owners and handlers.

Here at Anadee Aussies we own our breeding dogs, and they reside inside our home.  We believe in QUALITY dogs and QUALITY care.  Our dogs are given love and the freedom to develop common sense and a good nature.  We have been breeding and showing animals for over 30 years.  We have received many many ribbons, trophies and several Best Of Breed.  We have been breeding dogs since 1999 and the Toy and Mini Aussies since 2001.  Currently we do not show our dogs.  However, our goal is to breed for excellent show quality companion pets.  Your puppy gets an excellent start in life because of our conscientious breeding.

Our Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherds are a herding breed which are very obedient and eager to please.

We strive to produce loving, lovable, calm, intelligent and healthy Toy & Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies.  To accomplish this we selectively pick our breeding dogs, then we mate only healthy, calm and obedient dogs.

Your Anadee Aussies puppy will possess an amazing personality and be uncommonly beautiful, soon to become a devoted companion of whom you can be proud.  Our puppies are raised so they will be beautiful, calm, healthy, eager to please and obedient.

Not only do our dogs bring pride of ownership they also offer love and much enjoyment.  Animals we have bred are owned by veterinarians and wonderful families nationwide.

When you choose Anadee Aussies, you can feel confident in knowing that you made the right choice for all the right reasons.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

Here at Anadee Aussies we begin socializing our puppies from the day they are born.  We handle and cuddle our puppies everyday.  Our dogs are raised around cats, chickens and sheep.  When you take your Anadee Aussies puppy home with you, your puppy will be ready to fit in with your family and any other pets you may have.

At Anadee Aussies we want all our dogs to receive the loving and responsible care they truly deserve.  Your puppy will have visited our veterinarian for his/her vaccinations which will be up to date and have been de-wormed several times.  Every effort to provide continued socialization, discipline through professional training, keeping vaccinations and health records up to date must be made by the new owner.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email at the top of this page.