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Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

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Letters from current owners of our puppies


Letter 12-19-2005

Merry Christmas!

We're sending these pictures of Lexi to show you what a pretty dog she is. She looks like her dad in the face but has mom's coat. She is always playful and super sweet. We will send a copy of her spay papers soon.

The Stricklands


Lexi born 6-11-05 to Shannon and Chase now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 11-29-2005

Bogie is great.  Has a personality that is just the sweetest.  He is getting so big.  We joke about the fact that he is like Clifford the big red dog because he just keeps growing.  He is now up to 12 lbs and he is not overweight!  Bogie is solid.  Too be honest I don't mind it one bit because I wonder if that helps his personality with the kids.  I can tell you that he has NEVER meet a stranger.  Everyone is his friend.

I did get your (business) cards and I'm down to my last few.  It is amazing to see how many people don't know anything about mini or toy aussie's.  Aussie's themselves are the most popular breed out here...I think because it is rather agricultural close by....but no one knows that you can get them in a smaller size.

I had a lady ask to take pictures of him over the weekend.  She was completely taken by him.

By the way if anyone needs references from you please know that I would be thrilled to help.




Bogie born 8-12-05 to Jackie and Kenner now lives in California.

Letter 1-8-2006

15.5 lbs about 3 weeks ago.  Isn't it amazing.

He isn't that tall though, just really solid.

I can't get him to stay still long enough to see how tall he is, but from the little I could gather he is only about 14 or 15 " tall.  I guess he is more of a small mini than a toy.  That gives me an excuse to buy another one : )!

Here are pictures that I just took of him today.

Take care

Bogie born 8-12-05 to Jackie and Kenner now lives in California.


Letter 11-26-2005

Hi Devona

Joy learned to go out the doggy door yesterday.  She has been coming in the doggy door for a while, she just has not been going out.  She is so proud, she goes out to see the big girls and then comes back to see what I am doing.  Wednesday while I was at work and she was in the bathroom, she discovered the toilet paper, I cleaned up the mess and then I was off yesterday and this morning when I went to work I forgot to take it off and put it on the sink, she got into again and when I came home this afternoon she was wound up in and the more she did her twirling the more she got tangled in it.  It was hilarious should have been something for America's Funniest Videos.  She is eating great now,  I cut her to twice a day and she started eating better, I guess she was a little more hungry.  I have to take one of the Shelties for a rabies shot, so I will take her and weigh her on the vet scale.  She looks like a shrunken down Aussie now, she doesn't look like a puppy anymore.  She has her adult teeth in the front, but the canines are still puppy teeth.  Have you had any issues with them not loosing their puppy canines, I know when I worked at the vet for some reason the little dogs often had their adult teeth come in and the puppy teeth were still there, so the puppy teeth had to be pulled.  She still prefers the dry food with some canned food, but will eat some dry, but not enough to keep up with her energy level.  I am not opposed to feeding her the canned food too, should I just give up trying to make her eat only the dry kibble or keep trying to get to eat her entire meal dry.  She only gets few teaspoons of the canned food mixed with about a 1/4 or less of Small Breed Formula twice a day.  Sandy

I know my food's gotta be in here somewhere!


I found my food now I just need a pot to cook it in!


Joy's first snow 12-6-05


Joy born 6-11-05 to Shannon and Chase now lives in Virginia.


Letter 9-7-2005

hi devona

bubba is alive and well and living in east haven. at almost 6 months,

he seems to be almost full grown. he is 13" at the sholder and weighs over 14 lbs. i think he has lost all of his baby teeth and his long hair is growing in and it realy shines.

the vet says he is in perfect health. bubba isthriving on his artimus dog food and has yet to taste people food.

when he is active he is realy active, and when he is quiet he loves to curl up on the couch pillows or on any available lap.

bubba is a real joy!

we'll keep in touch,



Bubba born 3-17-05 to Betsy and Chase now lives in Connecticut.

Letter 12-30-2005

hi Devona,

Here are our most recent pictures of Bubba, taken thanksgiving weekend.

Bubba got fixed nov. 1st. At that time, he measured 15 1/2 " at the shoulder and 21 poundes. I think we have to stop calling him a toy aussie.

Toy or mini, Bubba is a joy to have around! He has all the energy an aussie should have outdoors, and indoors he is happy to lie on the couch with his head on Sophie's or my lap. He's the perfect aussie.

happy new year,

Tom and Sophie


Bubba born 3-17-05 to Betsy and Chase now lives in Connecticut.


Letter 9-6-2005

Great pictures of Roxy's sister. Roxy is doing great. I will try to get you some pictures soon. Everyone love's her. She is going to be quite the spoiled little girl


Roxy    Roxy

Roxy born 5-31-05 to Jewel Lee and Chase now lives in Virginia.


Letter 9-13-2005

HI Devona: Just wanted to tell you that our baby--we named her Skylar==is

doing great! She is so smart, affectionate and calm, and is really quite

beautiful. She gets oodles of compliments everyday when we take her

anywhere! Thanks! I'll keep you updated. My husband has pretty much taken

her over--he LOVES her!!!!!


Skylar born 6-11-05 to Shannon and Chase now lives in California.


Letter 8-30-2005


I was on the website looking at all of the sooo cute pictures of the puppies, and was wondering if you still had any pictures of Brumby as a pup that you could send (and I will send some more pics soon, too, I promise!)  He is doing quite well, and even seems to have made friends with the cat (Bradley), who has started chasing him around the house!  He has, however, discovered his "voice" the last couple of weeks and likes to try it out - a lot!

Thanks again,



Brumby born 3-17-05 to Betsy and Chase now lives in Massachusetts.

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