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References 2006

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Letters from current owners of our puppies


Letter 10-24-2006

Hi Devona,

Just figured I'd update you on Loki... He is now 3 months old as of yesterday, and weighs about 8 lbs. He is very healthy and active, loving, sweet, and incredibly intelligent. He has been housebroken, knows "sit", "paw", "up" and hops up & down when the command "bunny bunny" is used, or if someone jumps he will mimic the action. When he is about to be rewarded with a treat he automatically sits down and waves both his paws in an alternating motion. He's befriended all the animals here, but he knows he is king and likes to run around and tries to "herd" the other dogs & cats! :)

He has many many toys, but his favorite is his little plush lion toy that he carries around in his mouth. He is well pampered and sleeps in my bed every night.

I have kept him on the Artemis diet, and plan on continuing it forever. His coat is beautiful and is coming in long, thick, and super soft. He now has 2 tiny copper dots above both his eyes, giving him little tiny "eyebrows". His eyes are still the beautiful clear blue that they were when I first got him, though it is hard to see in pictures.

He's become an important part of our family here, and I love him so much. I tell people he is my "son"!!! Thanks so much again, for helping me find the best friend I've ever had. I will continue to update you.

Please enjoy the pictures and feel free to use them and this email on your reference list on your site.


Loki   Loki

Loki born 7-23-06 to Tootsie and Chase now lives in New Jersey.


Letter 9-4-2006

Hello, I can't keep myself from checking your website to look at new puppies. They are all so adorable! I hope you got the pic of Trista. I was hoping you could tell me her birth weight, we never knew. Only her weight at about 2 mo. It's not a big deal I am just curious. She now weighs 12.5 lbs. She continues to do great. Roger just back from France and being gone for a month was suprised at how she had grown. I really can't see it since I am with her daily. I guess since I am used to the standard size she is tiny. Anyway we love her to death.  Take care, Roger & Lynn


Trista born 4-21-06 to Jackie and Chase now lives in Virginia.


Letter 6-27-2006

Hi Devonna,

Here is an updated picture of Minnie at 6 months.  She is doing great.  What a great, loving smart puppy.  We have gotten all kinds of comments on her.  usually it is:  "What is that breed?"  or "  She is an Australian Shepard, isn't she?" We even got someone taking pictures of her in the car window.

She lets you know exactly what she wants and all our family is happy to oblige.  She travels great and has taken several trips to VA.  She is obsessed with a ball or frisbee and loves getting muddy as we are trying to grow grass in our back yard right now.

What a great pic we made.  We are so happy with her.

We would love to come out one day and show her to you since we are so close?  Of course we would work out a time with you!!

Sounds like you are busy with the next litters,

Take Care,
Mike and Sheri


Minnie born 1-1-06 to Teddy Bear and Kenner now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 2-26-2006

Murphy is awesome!!!!!  He is the sweetest little thing we have ever seen...  He loves to play in the backyard and run...  The kids are having a blast with him....  I can see why you have people getting three and four of them!!!!  Thank you so much for this sweet little blessing...  We love him !!!  Tanya


Murphy born 12-31-05 to Shannon and Chase now lives in Florida.


Letter 1-15-2006

Hi Miss Devona,

It's me....Foster.  Just wanted to let you know that I am doing GREAT!!!  I am a very happy little guy.
I love to run on the beach and herd seagulls or anything else in a flock for that matter, including people.  I get alot of outside time. I have also become a Daddy's boy.  We guys have to stick together as he was outnumbered before I got here.
My parents say I am spoiled rotten but I think I deserve it because I am such a good "Little Man" (Little Man is my nickname).  I am really excited about the summer because my mom is planning to get me into agility training.  I need it to out manuever my sister.  Those IG's are very fast.  My sis and I love to play and as you can see we also like to keep up with current events.  We love reading the Sunday paper.  Actually, we love preventing our parents from reading the paper.
Hope you like my pictures.  Mom has a hard time getting me to sit still enough to take them.  I am a very busy guy.
Hope all is well with you.  Please tell my mom and dad I said hello.

Foster    Foster

Foster born 5-31-05 to Jewel Lee and Chase now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 1-5-2006

Hi Devona,

Puppies are growing Cookies&Cream is almost 10lbs, and Rocky is pushing 6lbs. They love to run and play except in the rain. Both are healthy with different personalities and lovable each in their own way.

David NC

Cookies&Cream & Rocky

Cookies&Cream and Rocky born 8-12-05 to Jackie and Kenner now live in North Carolina.


Letter 12-19-2005

Hi Devona,

Hope all is well. I heard on the news there was an ice storm in NC and many people were without power for a while. Did that affect you?

We are so happy with the pup. His name is Simba. It took us 4 days to name him. He's still not eating a whole lot, but is getting there. I bought the Nutracal and have been giving him some in the mornings. He's been doing all his necessities outside so far. We take him out every couple of hours and he's getting the hang of it.

My twin nieces were scared of him at first, but they got over it. This is the first dog they ever held (and kissed) :)

Stay in touch!



Simba born 10-21-05 to Jazzy and Kenner now lives in New Jersey.

Letter 8-14-2006

Hi Devona,

Just writing to say hello and to give you an update on Simba. He is 10 months now and is the best dog ever! Doesn't he look just like his Dad??? He has a perfect personality, is so playful and loving, and is a sleepy head when not running circles around me out back. He is in perfect health, eats well, has chewed a few household items (like any teething pup) but, any damage has been minimal as I shower him with his own toys to chew on!! He brings a lot of joy to us and no doubt will do the same for our first baby! Yes, Henry and I are expecting our first child in March!!! I hope all is well with you. I've been looking at your website periodically and can't wait to get another dog someday if Henry gives in again!!!

Take Care!!! <<HUGS>>

Liz from Jersey


Simba born 10-21-05 to Jazzy and Kenner now lives in New Jersey.


Letter 8-28-2006


I just wanted to give you an update on Kina.  We moved to Cincinnati about 7 weeks ago and she is doing very well.  We walk 6 miles together every day as well as play at a dog park where Kina gets along with everybody.  She is even faster than most of the big dogs.  She loves to play fetch and chase other dogs.  She also goes to doggie day camp once a week where everybody loves her and tells me how well-behaved and beautiful she is. 

Kina is a gorgeous dog; she looks a lot like her daddy, Kenner, now. When we are on our walks people are always stopping to ask me about her (sometimes yelling from balconies!)  She is the perfect dog for me and we have a great time together. 

Also, people always want to know where I got her, so I have started carrying pieces of paper with your website address on them.  You might be building a huge fan base in Ohio. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful dog.  Kina makes me so happy, and I do my best to make sure she is happy too.

I will send you some new pictures of her when her beautiful winter coat grows in!


Letter 12-24-2006

Dear Devona,
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are sending you a few pictures of Christine and Kina. Kina is such a wonderful dog. She is well behaved, full of life and so fun. She is welled loved and taken care of.
Hope you are well and we will keep checking for the new pups.
Take care,
Elizabeth and family

Kina   Kina

Kina born 10-21-05 to Jazzy and Kenner now lives in Ohio.

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