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References 2007

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Letters from current owners of our puppies

Letter 12-15-2007


I thought I'd write and give you an update on Sassy. We call her that because she's always talking back to me. She's 17 months old now and weighs less than 10 pounds. She's highly energetic and has a love affair going on with our 2 year old granddaughter.


We all just love her to death! We had her spayed in January. Thought I'd let you know.

Keep up the good work.


Sassy born 7-23-06 to Tootsie and Chase now lives in Alabama.


Letter 4-20-2007


As we begin another weekend with our Poppy, we are so thrilled to have her in our family. She has fit in so well and everyone just adores her. I am afraid she is a Mama's girl like the rest of the group though. It is hard sitting on the couch and all 4 want to be as close to me as they can. She loves the backyard. My neighbor behind me loves to watch her play with her siblings. There is no way she is intimidated by them...haha. Talk about quick as a whip, she out manuevers them!

If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name. I love this dog and am tickled with her disposition and out going personality. She is better than we had hoped for!!!

Thank you,


Letter 4-6-2007


Well, our little precious Poppy has been with us a week and she is very well adjusted. You didn't didn't tell me she is part St Bernard...haha. She thinks she is as big as everyone else and doesn't put up with too much. We just absolutely love her! Talk about personality, she has it and more. Lekita thinks it is her puppy and watches every move she makes and wants to know where she is all the time. I let Poppy out front with Tilly to romp and play and they wear each other out playing. Chopper isn't too worried about any of it, he is just the couch potato of the family.

Will take pictures this weekend. She was very much worth the wait!!!!!

Thank you for our bundle of joy!!!


Poppy born 1-28-07 to Shannon and Gardell now lives in Wyoming.


Letter 4-11-2007

She is doing wonderful. She is getting along fine with our cat Cody. You could not ask for a better personality. She is more interested in playing than going to the bathroom when we go outside but that will come with time. She is still Sabrina until we have a proper name. She will do something soon to earn one. I will keep you updated on her progress.

Sabrina born 1-28-07 to Shannon and Gardell now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 4-11-2007

Hi Devona,

Well, I have to tell you she is doing great!!!!. Quincy thinks she looks and acts exactly like a Leda so that is her name. She has just made herself right at home. Honestly at this point she has the others dog at her command. very funny this little puff ball running around. WOW she has such a great personality. Anyway , things are good in Oklahoma.

Brook and Quincy

Leda (black tri with two blue eyes) born 1-9-07 to Lady Bug and Kenner now lives in Oklahoma.


Letter 4-10-2007

Hi Devona,

I had a very busy day today working from 10:00 am to 7:00pm at a garden boutique in Biltmore Village.  I took Bryson with me of course.  I tried to leave him in his crate but he would start screaming, especially if he could not see me.  So, I got an apron that has big pockets and put him in one.  Naturally all the customers went crazy over him.  I gave your website info to at least 6 different people - 2 of which I think are seriously interested.  Word spread and we had people from other shops coming to see him.  I had to place him under the counter on a blanket so that he could get some sleep and no one could see him.

Let me know if anyone contacts you and mentions us.

I am off tomorrow and plan to be home all day.  I will try and download the pics and send you some.

Bryson is something else!!  Very determined little guy.


Higgins & Bryson   Higgins & Bryson

Bryson (little guy) born 1-30-07 to Morgan and Gardell & Higgins (larger guy) born 10-19-05 to Betsy and Shelby now live together in North Carolina.


Letter 12-28-2007

the best dog we ever had. thank you.


Radford born 1-20-07 to Raima and Gardell now lives in Virginia.

Letter 3-19-2007

What a wonderful little dog. He is making him self right at home. He is eating good and seems very happy. Thank you for a great dog. We will send pics soon.


Radford born 1-20-07 to Raima and Gardell now lives in Virginia.


Letter 3-20-2007

They are amazing. Tahoe is a magnet, people just love her. She gets along well with other dogs, I just can't get over it. I forgot to tell you her height and weight. She is 12 inches high and weighs just under 9 lbs. I always tell everyone about your website- and check it myself on a regular basis. You have beautiful puppies.

Thanks again-


Tahoe (celebrating her first birthday!) born 3-16-06 to Millie and Chase now lives in South Carolina.


Letter 1-31-2007

Hi Devona,

Jewel Lee is doing awesome!! She is such a well-mannered calm dog. Loves to be HELD! Always jumping up on my leg to carry her around like the little Princess she is !

She sleeps in her own dog bed at night, and has only had an occassional accident during the night here or there. But otherwise EXCELLENT! I couldn't have made a better choice.

Oh and her and Maverick are in love! They lick each other's face daily and place so cute outside. I have off from work tomorrow and Friday so I definitely will take some pictures and email you!!

Freezing here too, Jewel Lee needs to grow in her fluffy coat like Maverick

--Corinne and Kids 8-)

(Jewel Lee went to her new home as an adult at 3 years.)


Letter 3-23-2007



Bogart born 7-23-06 to Tootsie and Chase now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 2-3-2007

Hi Devona,

Gracie is doing great!  What a sweet girl!  She gets lots of love for all of us.  Very good with strangers.  Loves everyone.

She is weighing 18 lbs and is 14 inches at the shoulder.  I've attached three pictures of just took of her.

Hope all is well with you.  Looks like you've had a few litters born lately.


Gracie  Gracie

Gracie born 7-10-06 to Jazzy and Chase now lives in Ohio.


Letter 9-25-2006

Hi Devona!

I have planned on writing you and you beat me to it!  You can use this as reference.

Angel is going great!  We finally settled in a routine.  Angel cried during the 1st half of her trip.  She was frightened.  She settled down on the 2nd half and made it back to Oak Ridge just fine.  She was tentative on Sunday and yet behaved very well.  We are extremely pleased.

She just loves to hang out with us.  She is easy-going, sociable, friendly, playful, and simply adorable.

Today is the first day she really felt at home.  She has been playing with Tiana, sometimes "herding" her while running around the yard.  I think she has adopted Tiana as her litter-mate, hanging with her, playing with her, resting her head on her lap, and climbing into her lap most of the time.  The cutest thing is that she does the mini-cry when Tiana leaves.  She has made a friend for life!

I have attached some pictures of Angel and Tiana.

Thank you for getting us a GREAT puppy!

Wan-Pin & Tom

Angel   Angel

Angel born 7-23-06 to Tootsie and Chase now lives in North Carolina.

Letter 1-6-2007

Hi Devona!  Happy New Year!  Just a brief note to let you know that Angel is doing great.  She is now 5 months old and weighs 10 lbs.  She is very friendly, playful, energetic and very loving.  We are very happy and lucck to have such a wonderful puppy!  She is very agile and loves to run in the woods behind our house jumping through logs, brushes and leave piles.  We saw that you have changed the website name and also saw Angel's picture when she was a little puppy at top left corner.  That is a great picture.  Anyway, hope everything's going well with you.   We have recommended you quite to a few friends and strangers who asked about Angel.  Here are a few pictures for you...

Please enjoy the pictures and feel free to use this as the reference on your web site!

Wan-Pin, Tom & Tiana

Angel      Angel

Angel born 7-23-06 to Tootsie and Chase now lives in North Carolina.

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