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Letters from current owners of our puppies

Letter 12-3-2008

Hi Devona,

I will get in touch with Gerald, sorry he didn't purchase from you, but Thanks for forwarding the message.

I have attached a couple of pix of Jasper, he is doing great. I can't say it often enough "You Get What You Pay For"! He is a charmer and of course the most handsome young man I have ever seen. If anyone has questions about why your puppies are more expensive please feel free to give them my e-mail. I think it is very important that they understand from an owner that the care you give them as puppies and the support you give afterward is worth a few extra dollars!



Jasper born 1-7-08 to Tootsie and Herbie now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 8-19-2008

Hello Devona,

I wanted to give an update of Jack (previously Dalton) and just thank you for taking the time and effort to really just do an amazing job.

Jack is a happy little puppy that loves to play fetch, especially with the soft frisbee in the picture. Jack gets tons of love everyday and is constantly fawned over anywhere we go. He is a little fuzz ball still and is full of energy and puppy kisses. He weighs in at a heavy 5 1/2 pounds and is growing like a weed in the past couple of months.

Just like you said this is an amazingly intelligent breed that loves to learn. My family and friends think he is a little ham because he "poses" for anyone with a camera. I will be in contact with you soon.

Again, thank you so much.



Jack born 4-11-08 to Drucilla and International Champion Quinn now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 7-24-2008

Hey Mrs Devona!
I just want to send you an email and let you know how Im doing! Things are going very well. Training my new Mom and Dad is going good. They make sure that my food and water are provided to me at the same time everyday. Mom even picks up my food bowl for me at around 6-7pm every afternoon. She says its so I wont be going to the bathroom all through the night, but Im sure its so it doesnt get stale. You know I like my food fresh! The 2 big dogs are kinda cool. The big one, Timber just kind of lays around and doesnt bother me. Kane likes to play tag, so he's really fun until Im ready for my nap.

Mom keeps taking me outside and saying something about "go potty." Its really funny cause usually I start doing my business and she keeps telling me "No", picks me up and takes me outside and then stares at me and keeps saying those words over and over. And I really hate it when she does it in the morning and after it rains...I dont like getting my feet wet. Although, she does give me this tasty piece of something after I go to the bathroom out there, so maybe this isnt a bad deal after all.

Mom and Dad take me to work with them everyday. I get to hang out in the office and lay around. Sometimes we take this orange go cart thingy out and ride around all these plants that are in pots. Check out my pictures! Ive pretty much got that thing figured out except how to get to the gas. Mom usually takes care of that part for now. 

Yep, I think Ive got it pretty good. I get to sleep on Mom and Dad's pillows, they bought me all these cool new toys and even a bag that they carry me around in when we go places. They havent left me home by myself yet! Hopefully they'll get out of the house soon and then I can throw a wild and crazy party! Well, I have to go make sure the hired help is doing their jobs seeing as I'm in good with the management now. Have a good weekend and tell all the others I said hey!

Miss you,
Remington aka Daffodil

Remi   Remi

Remi born 4-11-08 to Drucilla and International Champion Quinn now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 4-15-2008

Thanks for writing me back so quickly about Bryson.  I knew he was a real cutie and that he would be in big demand.   We are going to keep looking at your puppies and find a pretty merle.  We want one that is either the size of Max or Jenna.  Devona, these dogs are just the sweetest and most beautiful dogs I have ever owned!  Jenna is a little babydoll and Max is just as loving and sweet! You certainly raise excellent Australian Shepherds!

We did look at Jenna's sisters, but I think we have decided on a merle.  I'm going to send you these pictures again, and I apologize for sending them to the wrong email address.  I know you had asked how Jenna was doing, and that's when I sent them to you.  I'll try again.  You take care, and we'll keep in touch about a new puppy.


Jenna & Max

Jenna Lynn (top) born 10-4-03 to Belle and Panda, littermate sister to Jackie and Jazzy.  Max (bottom) born 6-22-04 to Belle and Comet.


Letter 4-13-2008



Boomer born 1-7-08 to Tootsie and Herbie now lives in West Virginia.


Letter 4-11-2008

Hi Devona,

I’ve been meaning to send you Dempsey’s neuter certificate but kept forgetting. Well finally here it is (attached).

Dempsey is growing into a fine young man and we love his energy and sweetness. At almost 10 months and 23 pounds, he listens well (most of the time), LOVES playing ball and soft frisbee. He is very athletic. He goes to doggie day care most weekdays and gets lots of play time with other dogs. He is a favorite of all the employees of the day care facility. They usually put Dempsey with any new dogs so he can show them the ropes, he loves being the Big Dog On Campus.

We check your site regularly for new pups, if we had the room, Dempsey would definitely have many brothers and sisters.

Here is a picture of him at about 8 months, unfortunately it is the most up to date picture I have.


Also, I don’t know if this is possible…the printed out pictures you gave us when we got Dempsey got wet and are ruined. Is there a way we can get another copy, or the electronic pictures?  

Let me know if you need any other information on Dempsey’s neutering.

Take care and thanks,


Dempsey born 6-17-07 to Corina and Gardell now lives in Maryland.


Letter 4-6-2008

I have attached a copy of an e-mail that my husband forwarded to me with pictures of Sydney. She is almost 10 months old in these pictures and is so much fun. My husband said tonight that if he had known that little dogs were so much fun that he would have had one much earlier. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to send pictures. Sydney is a bundle of energy and rules the house. She "herds" our standard Aussie, Foster, and also tries to herd the cats. Thanks again.



Sydney born 6-10-07 to Ella and Gardell now lives in South Carolina.


Letter 4-2-2008


Jasper is doing GREAT! He is growing like a weed and becoming a social butterfly, everyone just loves him. Both Doc & Sammy have taken to him and are working on teaching him all their tricks. He is already housebroken (well there is that every once in awhile miss) and lets us know when he needs to go out by ‘talking’. I know you know what I mean by talking………….. he has certainly found his voice! I have to say that I never would have thought I would have ‘paid’ for a puppy – but he was/is worth every penny! He is devoted to mommy, smart as a whip and already understands everyone in the family.

Who knows we may add another ‘wiggle butt’ in the future!



Jasper born 1-7-08 to Tootsie and Herbie now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 3-29-2008

Hi Devona!

We bought a puppy from you a few weeks ago and I just wanted to tell you how much we love him. He is a energetic little thing that knows how to let you love on him. He gives great little puppy kisses. Everyone who has met him has just raved about how cute he is. I don't think we could be happier with him.

We can to the site today and see that you are selling one of your older dogs (older puppy), Tallis. While the last thing we need is another dog, I am interested in what price range he is in. Smudge (formerly known as Lyndell I believe) is so much fun we are already wanting another!

Again, thanks again for Smudge. He has brought us all a lot of happiness!

Michael and Angela
Timberlake, NC

Smudge born 12-9-07 to Lyza Jane and International Champion Quinn now lives in North Carolina.

Letter 3-23-2008

Hello Devona,    Happy Easter to you and your family also. Taggard-Boomer got sick one time and my wife held him all the way home. We found the dog food you recomended at a local store called pet supply. We had lots of family over today and Boomer was a little nervous but we held him once again.  Last night he slept in our bed . He didn't cry!  He is adjusting wonderfully. We sure do love him. Keep the good work up.   Robert and family.

Boomer born 1-7-08 to Tootsie and Herbie now lives in West Virginia.


Letter 3-14-2008

Hi Devona,

Just wanted to give you a update on Katie.  She is a very pretty dog.  She might be close to 10#, not sure her height.  Her coat is getting long and very thick.  She is full of energy and plays all the time.  Her ears still stand up but she is so alert about everything I think some of it is that.  She loves the outdoors.  Having trouble keeping her out of the horse pen, she wants to check the horse out.  Loves to chase birds. She likes to get in trouble but when you tell her no, she listens.  She is a little pack rat with items in her bed. If you are sick or upset about anything she seems to pick up on it and wants to lay on you and love you.  When she was a little puppy she liked to lay around my neck.  She thinks she can still fit there.

I was wondering about one thing she is doing if your other dogs do this or just something she picked up.  She likes to back up to whatever, us, pillow or other dog and actually kick you with her hind legs.  She will actually kick a pillow off the couch if it is in her way.  We are trying to break her of doing this and when we catch her kicking we will tell her no kicking and she does listen.  Luckily she has little legs but she can kick harder than you would think.

I will try to get a picture of her to send to you.  I see where you are selling her mother Jackie.  I know you hate to see her go.

Thanks for a great dog.

Laurie Ann

Katie born 8-17-07 to Jackie and Gardell now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 3-12-2008


How much are you asking for Taggard?  We purchased Sydney from you in August and she has been such a joy to have around.  We are considering adding another Aussie and Taggard might just fit in. 


Sydney born 6-10-07 to Ella and Gardell now lives in South Carolina.


Letter 3-10-2008

just another quick update on the little guy!
my boyfriend gave him a second name, "the little man"  i think its very fitting :)
he is loving life and we are so close to being done with vaccinations so that we can go for walks and to the dog park, he really does enjoy being social and around other dogs.
he is growing like you wouldnt believe, he is almost 10 lbs already and everyone at the vet thinks he is the cutest thing ever.
thanks again, he brings so much joy to myself and others
i attached a couple pics too!

Rory  Rory

Letter 1-14-2008

hey devone!
rory is doing fabulous, i have been meaning to email you sooner, but you know how it can be and then add puppy into that, my days are over before they start. (but in a good way)  we are working on the potty training but he gets better day by day.  my roomates shepard mix dexter absolutely loves rory and they play like 2 little boys all day long if we let them :)
i cannot thank you enough for having these little guys, he has brought so much happiness into my life, i expected it but i never expected that i would totally fall in love with him!
i will send some picks and more info soon, he has already gotten bigger.
thanks again

Rory born 11-3-07 to Raima and Gardell now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 3-3-2008

Just an FYI: Thane's new name is Miller.  He cried some Saturday night but did good overall.  Sunday night he was great!! He is doing wonderful with potty training.  He knows when he goes potty outside he gets a treat.  He seems very smart and he loves to cuddle! He has some toys and seems to enjoy them.  I'll send pictures as he grows.


Miller born 1-7-08 to Tootsie and Herbie now lives in Virginia.


Letters 3-1-2008

Hey Devona,

How are you? I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much joy my baby I bought from you has brought me. I bought Dakota Reilley shortly after Valentine's day in 2006.  She was one of the litter born on Dec 30, 2005. I love her. She has brought so much joy to my life.  She is one of the sweetest most loving dogs I have ever owned.  People stop me all the time and compliment me on how beautiful she is and ask how they can get their own.  :) I hope you don't mind that I've referred at least a dozen people to you.  I plan on buying another baby when I get a house, sometime next year, if you're still breeding.  I just checked out the site tonight and your dogs are beautiful as always.

Hope Mills, NC

Hey Devona,

Here's a few pics. You can use them on your page if you'd like, but you probably will have to resize them.  I forgot to tell you thanks for suggesting holistic dog food. I have been feeding Dakota "Innova" since she was a puppy.  I am so glad I did, especially after the pet food recalls last year. One of my ferrets died from contaminated ferret food. That was hard on me. It would have been even more heart breaking if Dakota had been fed contaminated dog food.  Here's the pics.


Dakota Reilley   Dakota Reilley   Dakota Reilley

Dakota Reilley born 12-30-05 to Tootsie and Chase now lives in North Carolina.


Letters 2-28-2008

Hi Devona,

Just wanted to share this pic of Tucker now that he's about 4 months old.  He's a great addition to our family--although quite the little sassy boy!  There's nothing like an adolescent puppy.  I swear if he spoke English he'd already have had his mouth washed out! LOL!

We love him dearly.  He's great with the kids and loves playing in the yard with them.  He's already fetching like a champ, and even though the frisbee is almost bigger than he is, he's determined to master it.  The kids walk him several times a day and he loves the leash.

We'll continue to send updates, but thought you would enjoy seeing our little man. 



Tucker born 11-3-07 to Raima and Gardell now lives in North Carolina.


Letters 2-28-2008

Good morning Devona!

Wow- what a great and busy weekend with the little girl.  I have named her Kaycee.  She is going to be such a good dog.  She is a great puppy.  We are well on our way to getting her housebroken.  She is very smart and SOOO sweet.  She gets along with everyone!  I took her to the vet yesterday and people just ate her up.  She was as calm as a cucumber too.  Here are some pictures of her.  I hope you had a nice weekend and I'll keep in touch.  Thank you so much for this wonderful little girl.  We are going to have a great life together.



Kaycee born 12-9-07 to Lyza Jane and International Champion Quinn now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 1-11-2008

Good Morning, Devona,

Ken and I are so thrilled with our little "Bogey".  He is so cuddly and dear, and seems to like his new home.  He is very inquisitive and definitely has his own personality.  He is also quite independent.  It is such fun to watch him explore his environment.  Evereything is so new and exciting.  We can see how he's grown in only a week!

We had a question for you. What kind of treats can he eat at this age?  We don't want to upset his system, so we want to be very careful.  We'd like to use some training treats as we teach him.

Thanks again,

Laurie and Ken

Bogey born 11-5-07 to Kama and Charlie Brown now lives in Maryland.

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