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References 2009

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Letters from current owners of our puppies


Letter 8-11-2009


We have always intended to send pictures of our handsome devil.  When we bought him his name was Tyler (2 to 21/2) years ago.  He is now named Ozzie.

His mother was Tootsie.

You met us in the middle of the night in Illinois on your way to get sheep.  We are in Wisconsin and whenever anyone asks where he came from we always tell them the story of how we met you in ILL.   We check on your sight quite often as our 13 year old Border Collie is getting older and someday Ozzie will need a playmate.

He was and still is extremely mellow and a snuggler, who cannot live without our daughter.  She has trained and worked with him alot, he (they finished) 1st in class for obedience at our county fair and the same day they he (they finished) Grand Champion on a lead.

You may use us as a reference if anyone has any questions.

Todd, Amy & Libby

Libby & Ozzie  Ozzie

Ozzie born 2-17-07 to Tootsie and Gardell now lives in Wisconsin.


Letter 4-15-2009

Dear Devona,
Thought I would send along some recent pictures of Mr. Brums.  It has certainly been a long winter but spring is finally here!  Though Brumby did keep quite busy this winter with my roommates' kitten that joined us in December.  Brumby and Otis are quite the pair, wrestling, playing with stuffed mice, and birdwatching (see picture!).  Although he does enjoy walks around town, Brums is quite the "farm dog" as well.  He loves going to my dad's and hanging out in the yard with his lab buddies.  I can't tell you how many people stop and comment on Brumby.  They literally will stop as they drive by or roll down the window and say "your dog is so cute!"  Everybody wants to know what he is and where he came from!  Or they comment on how soft he is - "like a stuffed animal!"  He was so easy to train with any tricks and commands - he would probably be great at agility if I had the time for it :)  He has learned to walk on his hind legs like a circus dog, and he has always been able to spin around in circles from the start (we did notice that he only goes counter clockwise!)  He has made me so happy over the last 4 years, he is absolutley priceless!!!!

Brumby & FriendBrumbyBrumby

Brumby born 3-17-05 to Betsy and Chase now lives in Massachusetts.


Letter 4-8-2009

Thank you again for this amazing little guy, he truly brings an energy to my place. I still check your site at least once a week to see all the new pups that will make other people as happy as I am. Jack is approaching 1 years old and I just can't believe how quickly he's grown up. He's extremely active and still loves to play with the frisbee. Thankfully he's a fairly quiet dog and loves to play with other dogs 5 and 6 times his size....vacuums are are different story altogether.


We send our best

John and Jack


Jack born 4-11-08 to Ducilla and Quinn now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 3-18-2009

Dear Devona,

I am finally sending you Jaisy's neutering record (she had her surgery last November).  She is now about 10 pounds and doing great.  She went to Colorado with us for Christmas.  She fit perfectly under the seat in the cabin of the plane in her Sherpa bag - she should have gotten a real seat as her ticket was more than ours!  She got along wonderfully with my sister in law's older dog (a Westie) out there.  She did a lot of walking and running and fit right in.  Last summer she spent weekends at the shore with us and made an awful lot of friends.  We also took her on our boat to Atlantic City and even a doggie beach on the Jersey shore.  She seems to love both.  One of these days I will send some pictures.  She is a wonderful little dog and we love her dearly.  She is small enough to travel with us, is smart as a whip and I don't think she has a mean bone in her body.  We make sure she gets a run or two in each day or play a game of fetch with her.  If we don't she will let us know!  Thanks again for this wonderful little dog, Jaisy.

Barbara and family

Jaisy born 3-25-08 to Jazzy and Quinn now lives in New Jersey.


Letter 3-12-2009

We named her Dayla and we just had her fixed.  Brian sent you the papers so we are awaiting her papers if you could send them please.  Here are a few pictures of her. The best was at holloween I made her a costume and she won first place at pet smart.. She is so full of energy. Potty traingin was not easy but I think we may have gottin it now.  Thank you



Dayla born 7-30-08 to Ella and Valentine now lives in Florida.


Letter 3-4-2009


Wanted to give you an update on Jasper. He has grown like a weed and is a wonderful lil' man! Latest picture is attached.



Jasper born 1-7-08 to Tootsie and Herbie now lives in North Carolina.


Letter 1-15-2009

Dear Devona,

Sorry it has taken so long for us to write and let you know how Raima is doing. We moved to a new home, here in Texas just 5 months after getting her. She has really been through so many new things this past year but is wonderful! We have enjoyed her shyness and even when she has to have the last word. It took a little time for her to warm up to us and figure out who we are, but now comes to us, sleeps with us, and will lay on the couch with us if we put her up there. She never jumps on anyone or the furniture and will bark for short time when someone is at the door. She's perfect what can I say! You did a wonderful job with her.

We noticed Shannon on your adoption page. What else can you tell us about her? Would she get along with Raima? We are thinking about getting her a friend.

Thanks again,


Letter 1-15-2009


This is Janet from Wyoming. I bought my girl from you in 2007, you had her named Shirley and I renamed her Poppy. DOB 1-28-2007. I just want you to know I just love my girl and am more in love with her all the time. She has the cutest personality and steals everyone’s hearts. She and her big sister, Lekita, the roti are still the best of friends. They are my world!! I’ve enclosed an updated picture of Poppy! Thank you for my girl!



Poppy born 1-28-07 to Shannon and Gardell now lives in Wyoming.


Letter 1-6-2009

Dear Mom and Dad ( Drucilla and Quinn),

   I am having a great time in my new home. My Mommy and Daddy bring be everywhere! I even got to go to New york for Christmas and play in the snow! Mom mommy even held my hand through my spay and both my parents where with me the whole time that i recovered. ( my mommy works at the hospital and hooked me up with a heated cage and the fancy surgery suite!). My parents have taught me all kinds of tricks and are going to start me in the therapy dog program soon. I even have two older brothers. my mom calls them cats. I have sent some pictures too so you can see how big I have gotten! thank you for taking such good care of me when i was a baby and helping me find my forever home.

-Dahlia ( now called Kiddo)




Kiddo born 4-11-08 to Ducilla and Quinn now lives in Virginia.

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