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Letters from current owners of our puppies


Letter 7-17-2010

Hi Devona!

I bought Baldwin (now Jake) about 3 months ago and I can not tell you how happy we are.  I apologize for not emailing in awhile, but he has kept us very busy!  I am amazed at how intelligent he is, everyone thinks i've already brought him to training school because he is so well behaved.  He always stays right near me.  I can’t count the compliments we have gotten; there aren’t too many types of these dogs around so people are amazed at how smart and cute they are.  Jake loves the family and is very shy around stranger (especially men) ha-ha.  This has been the best decision my family and I have made.  I attached a few recent photos now 14 lbs and growing so so fast!  He is such great dog.  Thanks again!



Jake born 3-7-10 to Bellamina and Kalon now lives in Massachusetts.


Letter 7-7-2010

Hi Devona,

Radar and I have been sailing for 8 days now, and he's doing great!  He's learned to ask to go to his AstroTurf "outside" on the foredeck.  He loves to run on the beach and is learning to swim.

I took this photo this morning. We were headed from the Cape Cod Canal to Provincetown, MA.  We're anchored off Provincetown now and Radar and I just came back in the dinghy from swimming at the beach.

Hope you're doing great!




Radar born 3-18-10 to Welsa and Kalon now lives in New York.


Letter 6-14-2010

Hi Devona,

I hope you're doing great!  Just wanted you to know that Radar is also doing wonderfully well!  And we can't believe how fast he is growing!

I've attached a photo that I took just a few minutes ago.

Here are some highlights from his life:

1. When I took him to the vet on 6/1, he weighed 7 lbs.  When I took him back for his shots on 6/9, he weighed 10.2 lbs.

2. He readily climbs up and down all stairs, and his back legs are so long, he looks almost like a jackrabbit sometimes.

3. He is pretty much house trained already.  He hasn't had an "accident" in at least four days and almost always either "asks" to go out or simply heads out the dog door himself and down the back deck stairway to the yard.

4. He has very strong herding instincts and will herd our other dog or one of us whenever he thinks we're acting like strays and either not keeping together or headed somewhere he doesn't want us to.  It's hysterical, but we gently discourage him with "no herding," and he has calmed down about it.

5. He walks at heel on the leash and simply loves all people and animals he meets.  He has the sweetest personality, and everyone remarks not only on how uniquely beautiful he is, but also on his remarkable temperament.   Devona, you raised a marvelous dog!

6. He can be very vocal when he wants something or doesn't want to be told something.  Sometimes when I say, "Down," so he won't harass our other dog, he'll get down, look at me and start a long complaint ... sort of whining, a little garbled barking, giving me a bad time for not letting him do whatever he wants.  It's too cute.

7. The day he arrived here, he could retrieve anything that his little eyes could follow.  Now he's a real pro.  He not only responds to "fetch," but he'll always bring it back when told to.

8. He has also learned to sit and stay and wait for his dinner.  He will even allow our other dog to be served first without rushing her bowl.

9. He likes the boat, but is not fond of the heat.  When it's hot, I pour water on him from a bucket and then wash down the deck.  He loves lying in the water to cool off.  I can't wait to introduce him to swimming, which I will on our cruise, which is scheduled to begin the end of this month.

Well, that's the end of this Radar Report.  If it were a report card, he'd be receiving an A+ or better.  Needless to say, he is dearly loved here and is a most wonderful addition to our family.

Here's the newest iPhone photo of him.  He's down here in my office, chewing on a squeak toy I bought him a couple of days ago:


Radar born 3-18-10 to Welsa and Kalon now lives in New York.


Letter 3-5-2010

Hi Devona,  Oh my goodness she [Kali] is wonderful...... She did excellent on the trip home her and mattie became fast friends they run around the house and tackle each other mattie loves her. She has made up to everybody that has come to meet her even my DAD Mattie has even went to them when they were petting Kali maybe I should have done this sooner.  Mike loves her  she slept right up next to him all night,  no accidents yet she is doing great and she loved her bath.  She really has an appitite.  I cant say enough about her she is just GREAT.  I will try to get some pictures of her and Maddie together to send you but you know how that is.  I will keep you updated on them.  Thank you again for such a sweetie we will love her and take care of her for you.

Talk to you soon, Teresa


Letter 1-18-2010

Hi Devona,

I think Drucilla is doing great.  Very quiet and likes to hide out in the pantry whenever possible, but is eating and drinking and goes outside to go to the bathroom.  Does very well with Violet when she takes her out to go potty.  Seems to enjoy the evenings best when we are all up in the bonus room watching tv.  She gets to sit on the couch and will fall asleep in no time.  We can already see that she is relaxing more.  Took her for a walk today and she did great.

Will keep you posted on her progress.

Thanks again



Letter 1-17-2010

Miss Devona,

I really need to apologize for not keeping in touch. About a year ago, I bought a puppy from you.  Her dad is Panda and her mom is Drucilla.  I believe you had named her Diella.  I had told you that she was going to be named Esme, but soon after we got her we realized that she just wasn't an Esme.  It turned out that she is a KiKi!  The name fits her perfectly!  She is the spunkiest little thing with loads of personality.  We got her for my daughter and she certainly knows that my daughter is her mom!  She follows her everywhere and can't stand to be apart from her.  She can be a little bit quirky and for some reason she just does not like my husband. She is the youngest of six, but she thinks she rules the roost!  She's also the smallest but that doesn't matter to her one bit.  Again I have to apologize that I haven't gotten back to you sooner or sent her Spay certificate.  I am always checking your website to see your new babies and when I saw that you are no longer going to be breeding I decided I had better get KiKi's papers before it was too late.  I am going to be sending them out to you this week if I can.  Could I have the address you want that sent too?

Thank you so much for allowing us to have this little angel that KiKi is!  I have attached some photos of her.  The last three are from her first Christmas with us right after we got her.



Letter 1-12-2010

Dear Devona,

Wow - has time flown!  Want to tell you that we renamed our baby Aussie "LaTOYa" = with an a.b.a. of "Coco Puff".  She's the love of our life!!  Have 2 books on order at Barnes and Noble on the aussie so I can learn more.  Man...has her legs grown!!  And that darling little face with those beady eyes looking up at ya - she's so precious to us.

We'll send her to classes in a few months.  First comes the border collie/shepherd we got 5 months ago; he needs work!  If I think of it, we'll take a picture for you in a few months, when she's fully grown.  For a breed we knew nothing of...we are most pleased.

Thank you ever so much again, and may God Bless you.

In Christ,


Golden Refs