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References 2012

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Letters from current owners of our puppies


Letter 10-9-2012

Hi Devona,

I hope you're doing great!  I don't have much to say, except that I think of you often, because of what a wonderful dog Radar is.  At the age of 2 1/2 now, he's an ever-faithful companion, going everywhere with me in my truck and on my boat.  Every summer he and I take off for about a 600-mile sailing cruise, lasting a month.  Several times a week we jog together for 5 - 8 miles.  He will retrieve a ball or stick on the land or in the water without ever lacking enthusiasm, and he'll put it right in my hand every time.

The day before yesterday, I bought a device called a ChuckIt, that allows me to throw a tennis ball about 4 times as far as usual.  He can't get enough of being able to run full speed for such a distance.

Radar loves other dogs, and is especially intrigued when we meet another Aussie.  It's almost like he recognizes the same breed, same energy.

This is just another note to say thank you for such a wonderful dog.  He fills my heart with joy every day.


Best wishes,

- Dennis

Radar born 3-18-10 to Welsa and Kalon now lives in New York.


Letter 2-7-2012


It’s been almost exactly a year ago that we picked up our puppies. We had picked 2 from the liter of Herbie and Carmella. Here are some updates I thought you would enjoy knowing about Cadmus and Zoe (Carro).

1. Feb 25th of this year they will turn 1!!!

2. Cadmus is at a very healthy 56 lbs and is at 23inches!!!!  We did not expect this. He just kept growing and growing. lol

3. Zoe is at a very healthy 37 lbs and is at 19inches.

4. Both have mastered obedience classes and within a few months will begin to learn some new exciting things. Zoe will be our agility dog as she absolutely loves doing obstacle courses. Cadmus loves to retrieve and catches tennis balls while flipping, spinning, diving in the air. We will begin learning how to catch freesbies.  Since they are still very young we have been very careful with them protecting them from injury. It is just so exciting to see how happy they both are doing what they love to do! We always said Zoe would be our agility course dog and Caddy would be the dog doing all the freesbie tricks jumping off of you.

5. Both absolutely love the water and to my surprise are very strong swimmers. It’s always so much fun to see them run in an open field. They love going on hikes and trails  and Cadmus loves leading the pack!

6. Both of them remain very close with one another. They are so awesome with other dogs and people. Both are always so affectionate and very loving.

7. They are very protective and make outstanding guard dogs (which surprised us).

8. It took only months to potty train them. They know so many tricks. They love to perch like cats on the sofa. They are still eating the very same food you started them off as. They don’t know what table scraps are and I don’t imagine they ever will. Although there is the occasional carrot or cucumber.  they do get cheese as a treat which for them knocks any doggie treat out of the universe!

9. They both still surprise us to this day with what they learn, and pick up on. I am so amazed at how easy it was and still is to train them. They are so loving and so VERY smart. Cadmus is such a kissy monster and Zoe is our cuddle bug. It also amazes me how well disciplined they are. Every time we go somewhere with them they are the star! So many compliments we get and whenever they go to obedience class or agility class everyone wants to be with them. Even the trainers can’t keep their hands or kisses off of them! They are just so gorgeous with terrific temperaments and I cherish everyday we are with them.

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for our 2 four legged babies.


Heather, Eric, Cadmus, Zoe

  Cadmus Zoe


Letter 2-7-2012

Hi Devona,

We got him checked out at our vet today and she said everything looks great.  He is weighing in at 4 lb 8 oz.  We are really enjoying him and attempting to crate train him based on the human society's website suggestions.  He doesn't like the crate too much, so we are trying to ease into it.  He does very well with letting us know when he needs to go outside.  I come home at lunch to let him out and he seems to do well with that.  He is very sweet and has a very laid back personality.  He has met some cats and lots of neighborhood children and has done very well socializing.  Everyone compliments us on how good looking he is.  I feel like he has grown so much since we got him on Friday.  He is learning quickly and we've already taught him how to fetch.  Now we are working on "sit".  He knows his name and he know what "no" means.  We love our new family of 3!



Letter 2-7-2012

Hey Devona,

Penny is doing great!  She was so good on the ride home and ate a bunch when we got home and hasn't really stopped since haha.  She cried a bit on her first night in the crate but eventually calmed down and didn't have any accidents.  We're impressed with how intelligent she is, she's practically potty trained!! Thank you so much for raising such a sweet little dog, she was definitely worth every penny! I'll be sure to send some pictures soon.




Letter 2-7-2012


Toby is doing great! He’s awesome. He’s fitting in well and easily adjusted. I’m shocked at how fast he catches on. Potty training is a breeze. He whines a little bit at night but it gets less and less each night.

He is for sure a biter. But he has learned who he can play rough with and who he can’t and what he can chew apart and what not to. It’s awesome to watch him learn and how fast he is at it. He’s so energetic and LOVES attention.

Thank you so much for letting us have him!

Thanks again,



Letter 1-17-2012


I just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely loving our puppy.  We named him "Champ" and he amazes us every day at how smart he is.  Our other dog loves him so much - i don't know what she did without him -  and he loves playing with her and i think it helped him adjust to sleeping in his crate because we put it beside hers.  We're still working on house training but he's doing pretty good with it.

We take him with us on visits to family - and they have fallen in love with him too.  I'm so glad we were able to get him when we did.

We hope you are doing well!  Just wanted to give you an update and he has made us extremely happy - and he acts like he's really happy too!



Letter 1-2-2012

Hello Devona!!!

I wanted to email you and let you know how Rio is doing!! She is an AWESOME little dog! Shes finally house broke and is a happy spoiled member of the family! We all love her! Our daughter is 20 mos old and she and Rio are the best of buddies! They chase each other around the house! The older boys take her outside and they play fetch and chase with her... shes a fast dog. She probably has at least a dozen puppy toys and keeps them all in her puppy bed by the fire place. She has gotten all of her immunizations now and is scheduled to be spayed February 7th. She is 9.5 lbs as of 12-30 and shes a beautiful dog! I wanted to let you know how happy we are with her and to inquire about purchasing Leander your red merle puppy. Is he still available? And how much is he? We think Rio needs a playmate! I know he wont be ready for another month but that will give us time to get Rio spayed.

I look forward to hearing from you!!



Rio born 8-23-11 to Belamina and Blake now lives in Virginia.


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