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Letters from owners our Golden Retriever puppies.

Even though we no longer breed Goldens, we still hear from our satisfied customers from time to time!!  Some stay in touch on a regular basis.

Letter 1-1-2006

Hello Devona-

About 3 years ago we bought the most wonderful Golden Retriever from you. She has been an absolute joy from day one. I could tell that you did a wonderful job getting her ready to come home to us in Chicago.

We have been contemplating getting a second dog and I went to your site and thought I would have a look and see how things were going...I noticed that you seem to not breed goldens anymore!

Please let me know if I am missing something or if indeed you are not offering goldens. If you are not, is there anyone that you might recommend to us? Another golden is the only breed we are interested in.

Thanks and Happy New Year!



Letter 12-23-2005

Thought you would like recent picture. Bear loves our new pool!

What happened....no goldens on the website? Where are the adult Goldens that you had?




Letter 12-25-2005

Here some other pictures of Bear in case we lose touch someday. I always had hoped that if something happened to Bear I could replace him through you. Maybe the sisters or brothers are breeding Goldens?

Thanks so much Devona for raising such beautiful wonderful animals.

Merry Christmas,

Fred and Bear

Bear Bear Bear

Letter 12-23-2005

Hi Devona,

Here's a picture for you to enjoy of Tyler just taken today standing on our back deck in his Christmas bandana. I guess he's just a year old now and certainly is a handsome boy. We did not mate him with the neighbor's female golden retriever and will probably have him neutered in the next couple months.

I have pictures from when we first visited you and I enjoy looking at Tyler and his brothers when they were six months old. They were all so handsome. Tyler certainly does look like his dad for sure. Even though you might miss them, you should find a lot of satisfaction in knowing that you provided these wonderful goldens to so many people. I look at your website and see that you are continuing to do that with the Australian Shepherds as well. Many delighted customers. Keep it up!

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.



Letter 12-23-2005

Merry Christmas, Bob is a year old and is doing great. I've been busy this month building houses and trying to get people in before the new year. I want to spend part of the day with Bob when I take him to the vet to have him neutered; so it may be the beginning of next month before I can get it done. I just wanted to keep you posted and wish you a happy holiday. Take care and I hope all is well.


Letter 10-26-2005

Cody is in training as a service dog for Billy his handicapped owner.

Been meaning to write your for the last 2 months...forget...remember...forget...forget... :-)

He is doing GREAT, really filled out now & about 61lbs., housebreaking was almost immediate after recovery from neuter surgery, everything healed fine just a real pain for 3-4 weeks.  Learning to walk properly beside wheelchair & get/hold dumbbells right now.  Athletic enough to go on a 2-3 mile jog with Marleen & laid-back enough to settle while at a restaurant.

We were both worried about finding a dog as good natured as Blaze & were trying not to compare a new dog to her.  Cody has made that a non-issue...has lots of great qualities we were looking for & some even better than we could have hoped.

He goes to training Mon. morning to Wed. night & rest of time we work with him at home.  I'm usually here with him while working Thur. & Fri., so if you are on a trip to MD sometime give a call & I'll let you know if it's convenient to stop by.

Will try to do better about keeping you updated.

See ya................

Letter 12-2-2005

Hi Devona,

Wanted to let you know that Benson was neutered on Tuesday and is recovering well.  It was done with a laser, and they sent him home with a few days of pain med.....much more civilized than when I worked for a vet 25 years ago.  He wants to spend all his time licking the area, hence the Elizabethan collar.  Tucker wore a Bite-not collar after his surgery, which is much better, but I loaned it to a friend who hasn't returned it.  I can put a copy of the vet record in the mail to you if you need it for your records.

We adore Benson and he has really attached himself to Tucker.  It's remarkable how many behavioral characteristics they share, even facial expressions.  He's a busy boy and his antics keep us laughing.  Everyone who sees him remarks at how beautiful he is.  When we first got him he weighed 56 pounds, and Tuesday he was 67 lbs.  He loves all the dogs and even shares his hammock with the old lady of the group.  Tucker prefers chairs to dog beds, and of course has his choice. 

I check your website regularly, and it makes me sad there are no more Goldens of such quality as the two we have from you.  They have remarkable dispositions, and are so handsome, as well.  Do you still have Asa?  If you ever decide to part with him, we'd like to talk about it.  We were set to adopt a Golden from the Mississippi area who was parted from his family during the hurricanes, but at the last minute, the owners were found.  Great for everybody. 

Enjoy your holidays.

Ann and Tom


Letter 8-8-2004

Dear Devona,

As we just celebrated Tucker's second birthday last week, I wanted to let you know how he is doing.  He is the most handsome Golden, as well as the cutest in personality that we've ever known.  Everyone who sees him is impressed with his good looks and his calmness.  We feel especially grateful to still have him with us, as we almost lost him last fall.  He ingested part of a towel, and by the time the diagnosis was made and surgery performed, he was pretty sick, but he made it and is doing great now.  He tends to swallow everything he comes across, so we've taught him to happily wear a wire muzzle when he goes into the back yard and we always go with him.  We have four other Goldens, having just rescued one in June.  We too have moved...Tom's new job has brought us to the Northern Neck of Virginia and we love it here.  We were looking at pictures of Niki and Asa the other evening, as one of our friends wanted to see pictures of Tuck's parents.  Didn't see Niki on your web site, and wondered if she is retired now.  Also noticed that Tuckies full sister, Angel has had pups.  It is remarkable how Niki and Asa's pups look so much alike.  I'm sending a picture of Tucker for you to see.  Please feel free to use us for a reference if prospective clients want to talk to an owner of one of your dogs.  We will call on you again when we are ready for another member of the family.  Hope you are happy in your new place in NC.

Ann and Tom


Letter 4-15-2006

Hi Devona,

It's been a while since I've written, but with Sophie's 2nd birthday coming up, I just wanted to say hi and thank you again for such a wonderful dog. She has turned out to be one of the best dogs I've ever known, and I don't just say that because she is mine. Everyone loves Sophie and comments on how beautiful she is. She has the absolute best disposition, you can do just about anything with or to her and she just lets you. She is between 60-65 pounds now, full grown I expect at this point and so beautiful, inside and out. Sophie is a happy, lovable and joyful companion to the whole family. I'll try and get some new pictures to send you, but she is unfortunately camera shy. I was so sorry to hear that you were not breeding Goldens any longer, and even though I understand, I'm sorry that others will not be able to have one of your exceptional golden angels. Other than a bit of mischief she still gets into at times, I think she has turned out to be just about perfect. Did I mention the fur, beautiful, thick and shiny, still very light in color, but an unbelievable amount especially right now with the warm weather beginning; I invested in a Dyson Animal Vac to help control the "Sophie Bunnies" that gather around the house.

Take care, I hope all is well with you. Your little pups are adorable and I'm sure they are just as lovable as the Goldens.


PS - She does bark occasionally now (once every month or so), usually when she is outside and almost always at strangers. Little do they know she would probably lick them to death. She does communicate well though, huffing when she has fun playing tug of war (she sounds like a horse blowing), whining when she wants company and no one is around to play, and most recently she has started groaning with pleasure when she is getting brushed or petted. And of course ringing her bells when she wants to go outside, or sometimes tricking us into coming to play with her. What a sweetheart.

Letter 12-30-2004

Hi Devona. Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday season. Sophie and the family had a great time on Christmas.

She is doing great, she weights around 50lbs and is a bit taller at the shoulder than my knee, so not so big. We had her spayed in Nov and she came thur it great. She is still a bit of an imp and gets into to takes stuff and chews it up, so we have to watch carefully, but she is so sweet and gentle that it's hard to get mad at her. Her only really bad habit is digging in the mud, she seems to dig only when it's wet outside, go figure. She loves people and other dogs, and gets along w/everyone. She has turned out to be a beautiful and loving dog, just as we hoped.

Happy New Year. I'll try to send you some more pictures when I can figure out where they are hiding inside my computer.



Letter 8-10-2004

Hi Devona,

I am happy to report to you that Caleb passed his CGC test last night!!!! I am so proud of him! He did better than other dogs taking the test and was very focus when I gave him the commands. We had to pass all 10 stations with different judges. I wish you could have been there when he received his certificate from the president at Catoctin Kennel Club. She called him into the ring by his registered AKC name. Caleb seem to understand what a wonderful job he did last night. He truly is our "King Caleb.

Take Care,



Letter 8-10-2004

We purchase a Golden Retriever from you on 12/22/02 born to Angels-o-Gold Rosalee on 8/1/02.  I thought you might want to hear about Jake (SN92312606). We are just getting around to sending in his AKC Registration before he starts obedience trials.  I don't know if you remember Jake, but we purchased him from the pet store in Clarksburg (?).  He was the one with one ear longer than the other.  Well, he has turned out great, but it was touch and go for the first month.  We got him into a dog day care - Applewoods in Laurel run by Margot Woods an e-collar certified dog trainer.  Well, Jake just blossomed!  He was running every day and learning to socialize with other dogs.  Jake started training first one-on-one with Margot then every Thursday night since March 2003.  Jake has mastered the novice and open obedience class and is now in training for Utility Dog.  Jake has moved into our hearts and we are both very proud of what he has done so far.  Attached are pictures of Jake: JakeSwim4: Retrieving in Lake Superior this summer.  He is very athletic and a loves to swim.  Jake&Marley: Jake in day school last year playing tug with is best friend, a yellow lab named Marley Jansnow00: Jake playing in show last winter. This is a great picture, I use it a wallpaper on my Windows JakeSnowSc: Larger picture of above.





Letter 1-21-2005


Happy new year!  Ross and I were just thinking about you!!!  I am so glad you wrote.  We are in love with Maximus.  He is the most handsome, loving dog ever.  We always wonder if his siblings are just as cute...do you have any photos of them to share?  We would love to see them.

I have about a million photos of Max but attached below is the one we used for our holiday card and one from him out in the snow just the other day.  He LOVED it!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  Thank you so much for bring Max into our lives.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Maximus Maximus

Letter 1-4-2006  Titled "Say It Ain't So!"


Happy New Year!  Ross and I were checking your site and we noticed that you are no longer breeding goldens.  It is true?  If so, have you found homes for Max's brothers?  Bogie? Angel?  We just love Maximus so much and were recently contacted by a NC resident about getting a golden pup, so of course we thought of you.  We would appreciate any update you might have as we love to know what Maxie's kin are up to.  Attached is this year's holiday card, Max with his little sister Julia.  Enjoy!